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Five Opportunities for Philanthropy to Protect and Expand Abortion Access in a Post-Roe v Wade World

Eddy Gonzalez's Headshot Photo
Eddy Gonzalez
Vice President, Knowledge & Communications, SCG
Phuong Pham's Headshot Photo
Phuong Pham
Vice President, Knowledge & Communications SoCal Grantmakers
white women with long curly brown hair wearing a black and white top
Emily Michels
Manager, Public Policy & Government Relations, SoCal Grantmakers
Dwayne Headshot.
Dwayne S. Marsh
President and CEO, Northern California Grantmakers
Chris Essel's Headshot Photo
Christine Essel
President and CEO, SoCal Grantmakers
white woman with blond hair wearing a suit jacket
Kayla Ballard
Senior Manager of Communications, Northern California Grantmakers
David Carroll's Headshot Photo
David Carroll
Southern California Grantmakers
bald man wearing a light blue shirt
Crispin Delgado
Public Policy Director, Northern California Grantmakers