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Five Opportunities for Philanthropy to Protect and Expand Abortion Access in a Post-Roe v Wade World

Eddy Gonzalez's Headshot Photo
Eddy Gonzalez
DIrector, Storytelling, SoCal Grantmakers
Phuong Pham's Headshot Photo
Phuong Pham
Vice President, Knowledge & Communications, SoCal Grantmakers
white women with long curly brown hair wearing a black and white top
Emily Michels
Coordinator, Public Policy & Government Relations, SoCal Grantmakers
black man with bold head wearing a gray suit and bow tie
Dwayne Marsh
President and CEO, Northern California Grantmakers
Chris Essel's Headshot Photo
Christine Essel
President and CEO, SoCal Grantmakers
white woman with blond hair wearing a suit jacket
Kayla Ballard
Senior Manager for Communications, Northern California Grantmakers
David Carroll's Headshot Photo
David Carroll
bald man wearing a light blue shirt
Crispin Delgado
Public Policy Director, Northern California Grantmakers